Beach Wedding Photography in Cornwall

Beach Wedding Photography ExampleAs a professional wedding photographer in Cornwall it is very apparent that getting married here in the county is becoming more popular with intending couples throughout the country, if not even farther afield. Cornwall has a myriad of opportunities for couples planning their wedding day and this has got to be mainly down to the 180 miles of coastline which surround the county.

The county has always proved popular with tourists who regularly visit these shores for a break and a well earned rest from the hum-drum of their working lives and no doubt many will have visited and considered how good it would be to get married here. Now that the matrimonial legislation has changed so that a couple may now marry on any permanent structure the opportunities are even greater than before.

Beaches are so prevalent that they are featured frequently on weddings and if they do not then that couple will have at least considered them at the planning stage.

Beach Wedding Photography ExamplePhotographing whilst on beaches is not the easiest of tasks when the sun shines as the sand on the beach acts as a reflector. Then there is the contrast of the sea and sky. On a cloudy day the sun is not acting as a point source and things become a little easier as the light is more diffuse. There are physical issues also such as dust blowing around, so I use a bag which is weather proof. I keep caps and filters on the lenses until the last moment as otherwise dust particles can stick to the lens surface which comes out as a blemish on the image.

A person acting as security is a must when photographing on a busy beach. It is too easy to be distracted and minutes later discover a £2000 lens has gone missing.

Digital Photography

Digital format photos are provided as standard with all my wedding packages at no additional cost.

Your wedding DVD is presented with the complete selection of photographs to remember your special day.

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