The Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Photography ExampleThe white wedding dress originated from the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840, when she chose to marry in white. Before then brides chose gowns which were heavy brocaded gowns embroidered with white and silver thread," with red being a particularly popular color in Western Europe.Brides wore dresses in a plethora of colors, including blue, yellow, and practical colors like black, brown, or gray.

When the news that queen Victoria married in white spread, brides chose the colour white to demonstrate conspicuous consumption which was notorious for keeping clean and was more expensive. This demonstrated their ability to afford the expensive white dress and therefore was more of a financial statement.

Women were required to wear a veil in many churches throughout the 19th century but back then that also was a societal requisite to demonstrate the brides modesty and good behaviour. Etiquette books turned the white dress into a tradition adding the colour as an indication of sexual purity and innocence.

Wedding Dress Photography ExampleWhile the upper echelons of elitist society adopted the white dress for their wedding day the lower classes did not adopt the colour until after World War II. With increased prosperity after WW II the practice of wearing the dress only once emerged. Before then the dress would have been adapted for use after the day. Even Queen Victoria adapted her dress for wearing later.

The white wedding dress was given another boost on 29th July 1981 when thee quarters of a billion people watched the wedding of Charles Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer who wore a white taffeta dress with a 25 foot long train. This wedding is considered to be the most influential of the 20th century and cost £9000.

The making of the dress posed difficulties in that Diana was suffering from Bulimia and dropped from a size 14 to a 10 and the seamstress was worried that the dress would not fit as it should. The train posed difficulties in the glass carriage as there was very little room for Diana's father to sit.

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