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Nigel PenalunaAs a wedding photographer based in Cornwall I pride myself on being honest, discreet and reliable. I have a high work ethic, that is reflected in my photography and preparation for your special day. I like to treat people the way I would like to be treated, that is with respect and value.

My wife and I like to travel and there are so many places in the world that we decided that having visited a location we will not go back, as there are so many places to see and so little time.

We rarely revisit a location and so our philosophy is to plan the holiday well in advance and get the absolute most out of it. After all our time is precious and we want to get exactly what we wish for in our dream holidays, whether they be abroad or closer to home in Cornwall.

I plan a wedding in a similar fashion, meeting with the bride and groom, planning exactly what you wish for from your wedding photographer, enabling me to meet and exceed your expectations. This way you get the most out of your photography, whether traditional, reportage or a mixture of styles - and things run smoothly on your big day.

Of course, this is not set in stone but it means we have a plan, just as our ideas change when planning our holidays, and ensuring that everything comes together perfectly as we get to our destination.

I have found that as a result of life experiences I am compelled to insert myself in a moment between two people which is intimate such as a wedding. I am looking for those glances and those non-verbal communications which come from the heart. We as human beings recognise these genuine feelings and they can be captured on images if the photographer looks for them. This is what I do and this makes me different from other photographers.

Traditional photography is about who rather than what when and where. Reportage photography makes every wedding unique and even the most mundane of scenes can become the most spectacular. I am compelled to capture these moments and record them for the benefit of the wedding party.

The most important thing about photography is who the photographer is. It is this person who determines when he/she will press that button and decide when is that defining moment. 10 photographers photographing the same incident will capture it differently. This means that the variable must be the photographer. They take the image based on who they are.

As a result I say that every photographer takes an image and leaves a part of them in every image. I know I do and recognise myself in my images. I believe this to be fundamentally important to the taking of wedding images as until you recognise that how can you progress.

I do what I do because it is a form of expression and I am passionate about it. I am capturing a moment but I do it my way and this is what goes to make my images. It is what I see, feel and gravitate towards.

I want a bride to look at her wedding images ten years from now and remember. Remember what she felt, at that moment. I want the photograph to take her back to that split second and for her to relive that moment. Such is the power of photography. Unless your wedding photographer knows this, how can he/she know what to look for,recognise it and press the button at the right moment taking the image.

I do not view this as a job. I feel passionate about wedding photography and often feel emotional at ceremonies. I use this feeling to look for images and trust my inner self to know when to take the picture. I love taking wedding images and feeling the feelings felt by others participating. It gives me a massive buzz. This is not a job.

People have a camera face and as soon as they see the camera, they put on that face. My job is to capture people when they do not have that face and their defences are not up yet, so we get a peek into the real person. I hear people often say "I don't like my picture being taken".This is because they have only seen their camera face. Allow me to show you the real you.

Digital Photography

Digital format photos are provided as standard with all my wedding packages at no additional cost.

Your wedding DVD is presented with the complete selection of photographs to remember your special day.

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