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The wedding of Adam and Daisy at Polhawn Fort Rame Head

Bribal PreparationsAdam and Daisy's wedding took place in Polhawn Fort Rame Head near Torpoint in Cornwall. It was very close to Christmas and the weather was bitterly cold, but on the day, dry and clear. This made the sun very harsh and it was cold for the guests.

I sat down and discussed the couples wishes and travelled to Polhawn with the bride as she had specific wishes and wanted to clear any ambiguities with me on site.

Daisy knew what she wanted but was happy to receive new ideas from a fresh pair of eyes. It was beneficial to travel with the bride on this occasion to discuss ideas and layout as from a photography angle certain ideas were better than others.

Walking down the AisleThe couple had given me a ceremony time of 11.30 and the bride wanted images of getting ready so I promised to be there at 9 am.

It was quite a trip to get there and the roads were very icy. I arranged a second photographer and we arrived exactly at 9 am.

We started photographing immediately and captured the layout and preparations of this wedding. I then went on to capture the girls getting ready along with the bride having her dress laced while my second photographer travelled nearby to a holiday chalet to capture the men getting ready. The fort had been rented for the weekend and the couples families had contributed by participating in the cooking, decorations, layout arranging and transporting of the food, drink and other logistics.

It was a fun filled day with 6 bridesmaids, 2 best men and with 96 guests at the ceremony The civil ceremony took place in the fort and was officiated by the Superintendent Registrar for the area. Being so close to Christmas a Christmas tree had been erected and lights put up around the fort giving the interior e festive feel.

BridesmaidsAs the respective families had contributed to this occasion in such a hands on manner the atmosphere felt more formal and relaxed. The Fort for the weekend was owned by that combination of families and it felt more homelike as a result. The building is a Victorian Fortress built to defend the country from a Napoleonic invasion which never came. Named as one of "Palmerston's Follies" after the Victorian prime minister who commissioned it and others to be built on the east coast shoreline, the building was designed as a fort with thick walls and small windows. It has since received a refurbishment that makes it comfortable but the contribution made by the families made it their own. Emotions erupted as Adam placed the ring on Daisy's finger and the registrar pronounced them husband and wife. The crowd cheered loudly, as they would if they were in their own place.

The Couple on the BeachPolhawn Fort has a path to its own beach and I checked the tide times, which coincided with the ceremony so the couple elected to brave the cold and take some posed shots on the beach. The beach has an interesting rock formation where parts have eroded quicker than others. This combined with great pressure causing the rock sediment to buckle, has left great walls of slate, sticking vertically into the air, which made for interesting wedding photographs.

Poor Daisy was so cold but insisted that we take the photographs. The couples only concession to the weather and location was to wear boots instead of their wedding shoes.

While we were conducting a wedding photo-shoot on the beach the families were inside, in the warm, re-arranging the furniture in preparation for the feast being prepared by other family members in the fort's kitchen.

The couple duly returned after about an hour or so, to the warm interior of the wedding fortress to be greeted by the families and were duly handed a glass of "tipple".

SpeachesThe meal took place soon after and speeches conducted. We had to take our time for the camera equipment to acclimatise beofre continuing which took about ten minutes or so.

The festivities carried on until the end of that weekend but for us the photography finished as discussed, at about 8:00pm, when we left the party in full swing as by then, the cake had been cut, which had been agreed as the end of play for us.

Adam and Daisy saw us off, Adam thrusting a bottle of 35° South in my hand and thanking me profusely for my hard work.

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