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The wedding of Mark and Faye at Santorini Greece

The Bride ArrivingThe wedding of Mark and Faye was not conventional when it comes to weddings I photograph. I am used to taking wedding photographs in Cornwall and am happy to travel elsewhere, but this wedding was originally planned to be in a foreign country, such as Spain or Greece. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to take these photographs and be this couples wedding photographer I am anything if not happy to embrace the unusual and so of course I said yes to this request. It was a case of stepping into pastures new as this involved getting expensive equipment through flight check-ins and security. I was also stranded as I had no car. I could not reconnoitre the area and it was all unfamiliar territory. They subsequently decided to get married in beautiful Santorini, Greece.

I sat down with the couple twice to discuss what they wanted of me and had to take as much detail as possible from them, but they did not know certain details as they had relied on a wedding planner based on the island. Communication was not easy with the planner.

The Bride and GroomI "Googled" as much as possible as well as researched some wedding photographers on the island.

As well as the day itself I was also asked to do a photo-shoot at the fabulous fishing village of Oia on the north of the island.

The couple flew out ahead and I met with them to discuss various final aspects of their big day.

The ceremony was to commence at 6:20pm at St Irene Chapel Santorini Island Greece and this was so that the ceremony would be complete for the sunset which would dominate both the occasion and the wedding photographs. The couple knew exactly what they wanted.

The Bride and GroomMark and Faye stayed in an apartment in Firostefani and family were flying in at various times throughout the preceding week.

The couple booked a taxi for me from my hotel in Kamari, which is on the other side of the island but only about 15 minutes away by taxi, which would drop me off at 6:00pm at the chapel on the day of the wedding.

The reception breakfast took place in Kamari only a few hundred yards from my hotel.

This island is simply stunning as it is a piece of the side of a massive volcano which erupted and blew its top off about 3000 years ago. It is believed by many that Atlantis was here and sank into the sea due to the eruption. The weather was amazing and with the scenery made an incredible backdrop for a very romantic wedding.

Following the service the congregation were taken by taxi to the Albatross Beach Club which catered for the reception party.

The HoneymoonThe evening ended with the wedding party enjoying a musician and a disco into the small hours.

At one point the party walked to the water's edge and lit Chinese lanterns which they had endorsed with their own messages. They watched them fly off out to sea, into the black still sky.

A day or two later I met up with the couple and took their honeymoon shots in Oia again in time to capture the stunning sunset. Faye had thoughtfully worn a dress which was the same colour blue as the domed roof tops of the Greek Orthodox churches scattered among the town.

This was indeed one of the most different of weddings and was a privilege to be their wedding photographer.

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