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Stuart and Marie at Tredavoe Chapel Newlyn

The Bridal GownAs a professional wedding photographer in Cornwall I was delighted to be asked to commission the wedding of Stuart and Marie. They both asked me to provide some formal photographs but also to combine that with a reportage style throughout their wedding day, capturing those special moments with people acting naturally.

Marie chose to get ready in two locations. She wanted me to start at 10:00 at the couples home in Redruth, photographing her and her bridesmaids getting their hair done.

They would then travel to the location of the wedding reception at The Coastguard Hotel, Mousehole, Penzance, where they booked the bridal suite, where the dresses had been left overnight.

Inside Tredavoe ChapelThe ceremony itself took place at Tredavoe Chapel, a beautiful quaint chapel on the outskirts of Newlyn. This chapel has significance for Marie as she grew up in the area and played in the village as a child.

The wedding ceremony commenced at 3:00pm and I had travelled from The Coastguard Hotel to the chapel, in time to capture the guests arriving.

Stuart stood at the far end of the chapel, with his best man "Sweaty" so called as his surname is Sweatman.

The church is tiny and I had advised Marie she should really take her time walking down the aisle, so she could gain her composure and also she could take time to really enjoy that special moment.

The atmosphere was electric as everyone waited for the arrival of Marie with her son Josh, who was giving her away.

Leaving Tredavoe ChapelI had been informed that I would not be allowed to take any flash photography during the ceremony. I was also informed later by the couple they had a choir of 30 singers also in the front of the chapel. The total number of seats is no more than about that and as such there was not much room but it provided for a fantastic atmosphere. The choir sang beautiful harmonies and combined with the wedding guests filled the quaint chapel with melodies quite unsurpassed in recent memory. Despite little room for manoeuvre I managed to capture those perfect special moments which made their day.

The signing of the register took place in a small annex at the rear of the chapel and this was followed by a group shot on the green at the rear of the chapel. An informal period followed where the guests congratulated the newly married couple.

The guests then left for the Coastguard Hotel. Stuart, Marie and myself then travelled to another, nearby location treasured by Marie as a child, The Old Harbour at Newlyn.

Harley-Davidson motorcycleStuart told me he has two passions in his life, one being naturally enough, Marie and the second, his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which he arranged to have brought to the quayside, to be included in the not so traditional posed style photographs. Stuart had worn colours for both his wife and his bike. These images were posed but I gave the couple the briefest of instructions. I told them to be themselves and move about on the quay where they liked and to try to forget I was there. The images taken were with a zoom lens so that I was not up close. This gave the newly married couple time to talk intimately to each other. After all, this was the first time they could speak to each other without others hearing. We did speak about this at the time I initially saw the couple and planned their day. Of course this is not for everyone but we discussed previously their wedding photography requirements and I had suggested this style to them which they readily embraced.

This photo-shoot lasted an hour and then it was time to travel to the Coastguard Hotel where the couple greeted their guests.

The BrideThe meal itself was an informal affair without speeches or formal seating arrangements. The meal was served to them and the couple then relaxed in the grounds of the hotel with their guests and children.

The entire mood of the wedding itself was very informal and relaxed, but not for me. I continued photographing the festivities until the cake was cut, at about 9:30 in the evening. After that the couple asked me to relax.

This was a unique wedding and the personalities of the couple shone throughout all the arrangements. My job as wedding photographer was to capture those moments and bring out that personality indigenous to this particular day in the photographs.

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